List of reading pages for ATMO 336 for the Spring 2022 semester. The course material is broken into three Modules listed below. Weekly labels correspond with the week in which the reading pages are assigned. Each page is accessible through its own link below. In addition "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the top and bottom of each reading page allow easy navigation through the material. All other information regarding this class is located on the class D2L site. Link to D2L login page

Module 1

Week 1 Reading
Fluid Pressure and 500 mb Height
500 mb Height Maps and the Large-scale Temperature Pattern
Winds and Precipitation from 500 mb maps
Weather Forecasting using 500 mb Height Maps
Week 2 Reading
The 500 mb weather pattern, Longwaves, Shortwaves, and Common weather terminology
Numerical Weather Forecasting
Week 3 Reading
The atmosphere
Some properties of gases
Composition of the atmosphere
Vertical Structure of the Atmosphere: Temperature, density, and pressure
Week 4 Reading
Human response to air pressure and density changes
The Skew-T Diagram
A crash course in cyclogenesis

Module 2

Week 5 Reading
Water in the atmosphere
A closer look at evaporation and condensation
Relative humidity and Dew Point
Week 6 Reading
Energy Transfer
Temperature, humidity, wind, and human comfort
Why Does Rising Air Cool?
Conditions under which air is forced to rise
Week 7 Reading
Moving air parcels up and down through the atmosphere
Stability of the atmosphere
Introduction to Thunderstorms
Week 8 Reading
Thunderstorm Lifecycle and Severe Thunderstorms

Module 3

Week 9 Reading
Hurricane Introduction and Characteristics
Hurricane Strengthening and Energetics
Hurricane Movement and Damages
The North American Monsoon (Arizona Monsoon)
Week 10 Reading
Hurricane Cycles, Links to Climate Change, and trends in hurricane damages
Ozone and the ozone hole
Ultraviolet Radiation and Exposure
Week 11 Reading
Weather vs Climate
Introduction to Climate Change
Solar Radiation and the Earth's Energy Budget I
Infrared Radiation, Greenhouse Effect, and Earth's Energy Budget II
Week 12 Reading
Increasing Greenhouse Gases
Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and the Carbon Cycle
Uncertainty in Climate Prediction and Climate Models
Week 13 Reading
Climate Models and their Prediction of Climate Change
Recently Observed Climate Change and Implications for Possible Future Climate Changes
Changes in Extreme Weather Events?
Reconstructing Past Climates
The Pleistocene - The Age of Ice
Week 14 Reading
The Climate of the Holocene
Controversy: Global Average Temperature Reconstruction over the last 2000 years
The Present Warming: 20th Centrury through today
Global Warming Summary and Discussion
Other Factors that Control Climate
Blue skies, red sunsets, white clouds, haze
End of reading material!

Dale Ward