Interesting Links


National Weather Service Tucson Office Check for latest local weather information and forecasts

Weather products page compiled by Atmospheric Sciences Department Interesting weather products like satellite imagery and model weather forecasts for those curious about weather.

National Center for Atmospheric Science Real-time weather page.Perhaps the most complete collection of current weather maps, RADAR, and satellite imagery as well as forecast weather products. Too much to list here.

University of Wyoming Weather Web. Easy to navigate links to display surface weather observations, soundings, weather maps, and forecasts from numerical weather prediction models.

University of Wisconsin's Satellite Compostie Images Page. Very cool global composite annimations of cloud and storm systems.

San Francisco State University's Weather Server Nice archives of past satellite images, RADAR maps, 500 mb maps, jet stream maps, and more.

NWS Climate Prediction Center. Long range weather and climate predictions and other information.

NOAA Earth System Research Division. Current Weather, Ensemble Forecasts, and climate data.

500 mb height anomolies over past 5 days from Penn State.. Image on left shows the 500 mb height anomaly map for the entire Northern Hemisphere (actual 500 mb heights minus the climatological or average 500 mb heights) over the last 5 days.

GFS Height Anomaly Forecasts Maps of forecast 500 mb height and heigt anomalies for 3,5,8, and 11 days into future based on GFS model.

ECMWF model 500 mb forecast height anomalies from El Dorado Weather.Forecast 500 mb height anomalies for the European weather model over North America. Often interesting to compare this model's forecast with others. Many believe the ECMWF is currently the best weather prediction model available.

Weather news, information, and maps from AMS DataStreme

Hurricanes (General)

National Hurricane Center

Tropical Weather via Weather Underground

Sea Surface Temperature (RSS)

Track Any Atlantic Hurricane from 1851 to 2007 (courtesy of Unisys)

Time lapse satellite video of 2005 hurricane season

Katrina Links

Visible Satellite loop of Katrina

Infrared Satellite loop of Katrina

Radar loop of Katrina

Inside the eye of Katrina

Storm chaser video from Biloxi, Mississippi

World Maps

Interactive Maps of the World

Global Warming / Climate Change

RealClimate. Climate news, commentary and Blog site slanted toward the idea of significant climate changes caused by increased greenhouse gases.

ICECAP. Climate news, commentary and Blog site slanted at questioning the idea of significant climate changes caused by increased greenhouse gases.

IPCC home page General information about the IPCC including links to all scientific reports on climate change.

Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the ClimateAn international coalition of scientists provide an independent examination of the evidence available on the causes and consequences of climate change. This group provides an alternative view for some of the claims made in the IPCC 2007 reports.

"Is the Western Climate Establishment Corrupt?" PDF document by Dr. David Evans former employee of the Australian Department of Climate Change now a "skeptic."

Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI). Non-profit institute for sound public policy. Provides alternative views on the global warming issue.

Climate Change Information (New York City). Easy to understand answers to common questions about global warming and climate change with a focus on climate changes for New York City

Answers to elementary questions about global warming. Informative site compiled by a French citizen.

Recent Washington Post article about health effects of recent global warming.

BBC Article: Q & A: the Kyoto Protocol (Also contains numerous additional climate change links)

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