The Fourth Symposium on Southwest Hydrometeorology

Tucson, Arizona

September 20-21, 2007

Meeting Agenda

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Purpose. The Fourth Symposium on Southwest Hydrometeorology will provide a forum to discuss and present research issues associated with mid-latitude, subtropical, and tropical weather systems that affect the Southwest United States, and to discuss the impact of these systems on hydrologic systems. Since the Third Symposium in 2002, there have been considerable advances in both hydrologic and meteorological science; these advances have created a foundation for a much closer relationship between these disciplines. Extensive, ongoing research is underway through the North American Monsoon Experiment. Deterministic, ensemble and probabilistic forecasting has advanced. Close working relationships across academic, government and private sectors have opened new areas of investigation to address questions on how to add value to both weather and water forecasts. This symposium seeks to strengthen these relationships and continue to advance our understanding of the complex weather and hydrologic forecast issues in the Southwest U.S.

Topics. The wide range of bioclimatic zones in the region (e.g., deserts, savannah, alpine) and hydrometeorological phenomena (e.g., flash floods, drought, convective thunderstorms, tropical storms, teleconnections) demands a wide range of symposium topics. Session topics will include:

·          Hydrometeorology integration

·          Climate science and annual prediction

·          Monsoon forecasting

·          Extreme water and weather events in the Southwest U.S.

·          Ensemble and probabilistic forecasting

·          Quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE)


Invited Speakers

Lance Bosart
"Synoptic Control of Warm Season Weather Systems over the Western US"

Tereza Cavazos
"Extreme precipitation variability in the core of the North American Monsoon region"

Christopher J. Duffy
"Integrating Measurements and Models from Bedrock to Boundary Layer: A Strategy for Total Flux Measurement at the Hillslope Scale"

David Gochis
"The North American Monsoon Experiment (NAME): Progress and challenges in improving predictions of warm season precipitation"

Tom Hamill
"Probabilistic Monsoon Forecasting Using Ensemble Reforecasts"

Presentations. The two-day symposium will include both oral and poster presentations. Presentations from undergraduate and graduate students are highly desired and welcome. Abstracts should be submitted electronically no later than 15 July 2007. If you plan to attend, please provide your contact information and talk title, using the form at:

Registration. If you plan to attend, please provide your contact information (and talk title), using the form at:

Cost. The conference fee is only $25 which will be collected at the conference itself. We will not be able to process credit cards.

Location. The Fourth Symposium on Southwest Hydrometeorology will be held Thursday and Friday, September 20-21, 2007, at the Tucson Hilton East Hotel. A block of rooms have been reserved and are available at the group on-line booking page.

Logistics. Further information on symposium logistics will be provided at a future date.

Sponsors. The symposium is co-sponsored by COMET, The National Weather Service, Vaisala, Inc., The University of Arizona Department of Atmospheric Sciences, The University of Arizona Department of Hydrology, The Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS), and The Institute for the Study of Planet Earth.

Contacts. Please contact the program co-chairs, Chris Castro ( or Erik Pytlak (, for further information.