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  • Elizabeth Ritchie

    Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

    Ritchie Photo

    Liz Ritchie became a faculty member in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona in August 2006. Her doctoral work at Monash University investigated the role of mesoscale midlevel vortices in tropical cyclogenesis. Her postdoctoral work in the Department of Meteorology at The Pennsylvania State University applied a mesoscale atmospheric model to the investigation of vertical wind shear on the structure and intensity of tropical cyclones. Current research within her group at the University of Arizona focuses principally on physical understanding, estimation, and prediction of tropical cyclogenesis, tropical cyclone structure and intensity change, the extratropical transition of tropical cyclones, and tropical cyclone landfall processes using mesoscale models, remote-sensed and insitu observations, and reanalyses. A particular focus of the research is on eastern North Pacific tropical cyclones and their role in the precipitation of the semiarid southwestern United States and the North American Monsoon.