Wednesday Dec. 5, 2012

Some festive music from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  You heard "Hindustan", and "Tailgate Ramble"

The last day of classes and the first 50 minutes of close to 5 hours of scheduled reviews for the Final Exams.  You can find the times and locations of the two remaining reviews on the Final Exam Study Outline.  Be sure to have a look at the bottom of the study outline, it provides some additional information about questions that will be on the exam.  Also now that the first exam is finished I can let you know which sections recieved a little more and less than average coverage on the exam.

The following figures are from today's review.  The large numbers at the top left or right corner of each figure refer to sections on the Study Outline.

The review will start up again at this point at 2 pm on Thursday afternoon in Haury 216.