Book Report Writing Guidelines

In the first paragraph mention what book you read.  Why did you choose that book?  If you weren't able to read the entire book (if for example the book was too long and/or too detailed) mention what parts you did read.

In the remainder of your report discuss or describe what you learned about weather, climate, or the atmosphere by reading the book.  Try to include as much information and specific examples as you can.  If you can, try to relate material in the book to topics we have covered in class.  This may not apply early in the semester because we won't have covered much in that time.

Reports should be 3 to 4 pages long and should be double spaced.  Be sure to carefully proofread you report and look for misspelled words, confusing sentence constructives, and grammatical errors.  Beginning on the date you checkout the book
you will have 3 weeks to complete and turn in your report.