Weather Station and Data Descriptions

The Weather Station

The following values are measured using meteorological instruments by R.M. Young.

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Air temperature and humidity are measured using Model 41372VC Relative Humidity/Temperature Probes mounted in 43408 Gill Aspirated Radiation Shields. Station pressure is reported by a Model 61201 Pressure Sensor directly in milliBars. Wind speed and direction are determined using a model 05103 Wind Monitor. Precipitation is measured using a 52203 Tipping Bucket.

These measurements are collected and processed by 26700 Series Programmable Translator that displays real time data in the department and transmits processed data to a workstation. Data is further processed and made available to the Department web pages.

Web Page Data

The data are presented on the previous page, in groups, as sampled below. Instantaneous refers to the program cycle of the instrument translator. The desired average time of five seconds for wind measurements, combined with the number of program instructions that must be executed by the translator during each program step, defines "instantaneous" as five seconds. A five minute average then becomes the mean of 60 consecutive measurements.

 970630 13:04:08 MST
                    Station      Wind       Max      Precipitation
 Temp   Rh     Td  Pressure   Spd    dir    Gust   This Hr Last 24hr    Raw
 35.9C   7%  -4.9C  924.5mB  3.1m/s 297deg  4.0m/s    0.0   0.0  0.0 mm   0
 96.6F       23.2F   27.3in   7 mph  WNW     9 mph    0.0   0.0  0.0 in   0

Instantaneous measurements of conditions on the roof of PAS.
Temperature, humidity, and winds are the current five second values, with the exception of Max Gust, which is the maximum five second wind speed measured during the past minute. Precipitation is reported as an accumulated amount for the current hour, starting at the top of the hour, accumulated precipitation during the last hour (top of the hour to top ...), total precipitation during the 24 hours, ending at midnight, MST, and the raw tip counts from the tipping bucket.

 Temp   Rh     Td
 36.8C   6%  -6.0C
 98.2F       21.2F
Current temperature and humidity at ground level near the PAS building.
 Five minute averages at 13:04:08 MST

 Rooftop            Station
 Temp   Rh     Td  Pressure
 36.1C   7%  -4.6C  924.6mB
 96.9F       23.7F   27.3in
                                               Yesterday's weather (970629)
 Temp   Rh     Td                           High: 39.1 C / 102.38 F at 14:59 MST
 36.6C   6%  -5.7C                          Low:  28.5 C / 83.3 F at 23:37
 98.0F       21.7F                          Precipitation: 0.0 mm
                                            13680 missing data points

On the left, five minute averages of temperature, humidity, and station pressure from the rooftop sensors and temperature and humidity from ground level.
On the right, high and low temperatures and total precipitation, for the preceding day, ending at midnight, are listed. The count of missing data serves to suggest when further investigation might be required, to report correct values.

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