WRF Change log

29 May 2010 Observational Nudging has been implemented. Sigma levels have also been reordered to reduce the day and night cool bias.

30 APR 2010 A night time cool bias has become quite pronounced. URBAN.TLB has been modified to increase URB_FRC to .82,.76,.73 to try and correct this problem.

15 MAR 2010 Test run is now using the old configuration from summer of 2009 in order to compare with the current operational configuration. 4 APR-the only thing that was the same was the land surface-most/all of the namelist is the same as the current namelist.

2 FEB 2010 Changed operational run to 38 sigma levels with the addition of a level at .993 which improves daytime warm bias. Test run now uses surf=5, pbl=5.

7 JAN 2010 Updated western Arizona's urban land cover data. High density suburban is still too warm and changed FRC_URB to .8, .73,.7.

8 DEC 2009 namelist.input mp_physics from 4 to 6 as precipitation was a little too heavy with 4.

8 DEC 2009 LANDUSE.TBL SFZ0 for 31-33 to 20, 25, 30 to correct for low bias for 10m wind speed.

8 DEC 2009 URBAN.TBL FRC_URB was .8 .7 .6 to .8 .75 .7 as low density urban was too cold at night.