The University of Arizona Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

Climate & Global Change

The Department of Atmospheric Science offers a variety of reserach in the climate sciences with emphases on global and regional climate modeling. Recent topics of research include

  • land model improvement using Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period (CEOP) data analysis
  • the treatment of snow and ice in land models
  • the parameterization of surface turbulent flux in climate models
  • the understanding and improvement of the marine atmospheric boundary layer in climate models
  • the coupling of land processes, atmospheric boundary layer, and convection in climate models
  • quantifying the role of land and ocean surface processes in seasonal precipitation


Christopher Castro
Office: PAS 520
Phone: 626-5617
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William Conant
Office: PAS 550
Phone: 626-0624
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Yolande Serra
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Xubin Zeng
Office: PAS 562
Phone: 621-4782
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