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Friday | March 26, 2010

Hydrometeorology Program Awarded Funds from The Graduate Incentives for Growth Awards Program

A proposal to the Graduate Incentives for Growth Awards (GIGA) has been selected by the review committee to be funded at approximately $90,000 per year for two years, contingent on a one-year renewal. This award will be used to support graduate students involved in specific areas of research with the emerging discipline of hydrometeorology.

This funding has two purposes.

The first is to establish some temporary base funding for students entering the newly established hydrometeorology program, allowing the program to recruit the most talented and competitive graduate applicants and offer them early admission.

The second purpose for this funding is to establish a track record for the program so that outreach to the federal and state agencies and private corporations, many that have already demonstrated a commitment to UA research in hydrometeorology, will carry weight. All students funded on the GIGA award will be expected, as part of their assistantship, to perform outreach by taking advantage of common scholarly opportunities such as conference attendance, manning of information booths and, development of web content for a Climate Dynamics and Hydrometeorology website.

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