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Wednesday | February 11, 2009

ATMO Doctoral student wins at AMS Phoenix Convention

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This poster is from Koichi's master's thesis that addresses improvements in the evapotranspiration balance in NCAR's Community Land Model, a part of their climate system model used for future climate change projections. An older version of the model (CLM3) tends to simulate too much ground evaporation relative to plant transpiration, which leads to unrealistic water, energy, and carbon cycles over the globe. Koichi and his colleagues also found that one of the key remedies for this problem in the later version (CLM3.5) is not physically consistent. Thier approach is to incorporate the effect of the top dry soil, plant litter over the ground, and suppression of turbulent mixing under thick plant canopy, with robust physical basis in simple formulations. They demonstrated that the model with the new parameterizations simulates better partitioning of evapotranspiration, especially over vegetated areas.

Fortunately, some of the study, together with various formulations suggested by other members of the Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction (LAOI) Group, are being tested by NCAR scientists to be included in the next version of the model (CLM4).

Unfortunately, Koichi got a traffic ticket on the same day of the presentation of this poster at the AMS meeting. He stated that one should please be careful when your presentation goes really well.

Lastly, Koichi expressed gratitude to his group members and his co-author/ advisor Dr. Xubin Zeng for their support, and also Dr. Chris Castro for his advice on the eye-catching diagram in the poster."

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