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AIR Archive (2014)

Time Speaker Title
8:00am Breakfast and Registration
9:00am Opening Remarks
9:15am Session 1 : Rapid Fire Round
9:15am Denise Balukas Societal impacts of landfalling hurricanes on populations: a global perspective
9:25am Furrukh Bashir Heat flux estimation through meteorological observations for the glaciated region of Upper Hunza, Pakistan
9:35am William Lytle Evaluation of land surface reanalysis products utilizing flux tower measurements
9:45am James M Moker Jr Case studies from the 2013 North American Monsoon transect experiment
9:55am Daile Zhang Performance of the U.S. NLDN during the Kansas windfarm 2012 and 2013 field programs
10:05am Break
10:30am Session 2: Observations and Remote Sensing
10:30am Ewan Crosbie Spatiotemporal characterization of trace gas variability in the San Joaquin Valley during DISCOVER-AQ
10:50am Matt King University of Arizona's own simplified portable wind tunnel; exploring the process of measuring dust emission factors
11:10am Lindsay Maudlin Size-resolved aerosol composition in a coastal marine environment
11:30am Gouri Prabhakar Sources of nitrate in stratocumulus cloud water: airborne measurements during the 2011 E-PEACE and 2013 NiCE studies
11:50am Lunch at Santa Rita room
1:00pm Session 3 : North American Monsoon
1:00pm Megan Jares High resolution WRF simulation and climatological analysis of severe weather events during the North American Monsoon
1:20pm Huancui Hu The origin of North American Monsoon precipitation: a study using the Dynamic Recycling Model
1:40pm Timothy Lahmers Long-term changes in the climatology of transient inverted troughs over the North American Monsoon region and their effects on severe weather
2:00pm Arelis M. Rivera-Giboyeaux A look at water vapor sources over Tucson, AZ during the North American Monsoon season by the use of stable isotopes
2:20pm Break
2:30pm Session 4 : Modeling and Evaluation
2:30pm Nicholas Dawson Analysis of boundary layer schemes in the weather research and forecasting model over mountainous terrain
2:50pm Maria Cecilia Rodrigues do Prad Possible influences of Amazon deforestation on the hydroclimate of South America
3:10pm Zhao Yang Effects of land use and land cover change on climate in Arizona
3:30pm Thang Luong Extreme events of the North American monsoon: a high resolution dynamical downscaling climatology in the summer from 2002 to 2010
3:50pm Break
4:00pm Keynote Panel Discussion with Dr. Karl F. Gast, Dr. Angel Otarola , and Ms.Tameca Holmes from 4:00 - 5:00 pm
12:30pm 11 APRIL - AIR POSTERS and EarthWeek ATMO Plenary talk
12:30pm AIR and EarthWeek Plenary Posters at the South Ballroom from 12:30 - 2:00 pm
2:00pm Diana Stovern EarthWeek ATMO Plenary talk : Investigation of the atmospheric environments associated with TC size changes