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AIR Archive (2012)

Time Speaker Title
8:00am Breakfast and registration
8:45am Opening remarks
9:00am William Cassell Simulation of mesoscale convective systems during the North American Monsoon Experiment and their sensitivity to initial data specification
9:15am Simona Seastrand Mechanisms influencing precipitation associated with the North American Monsoon System
9:30am Matthew Clarkson Adapting WRF for operational solar power forecasting in the southwestern U.S.
9:45am Carlos Carrillo Low-frequency variability of the North American Monsoon as diagnosed through latewood tree-ring chronologies in the southwest U.S.
10:00am Break
10:15am Ewan Crosbie Analysis of the structure and genesis of tropical easterly waves in the Caribbean Sea and eastern North Pacific using the WRF model
10:30am Adrian Barnard Using remotely-sensed observations to determine which cloud clusters will develop into tropical cyclones
10:45am Kelly Ryan Estimating tropical cyclone intensity at low wind speeds
11:00am Diana Stovern The importance of atmospheric temperature on the size and structure of tropical cyclones
11:15am Kimberly Wood The impact of eastern North Pacific tropical cyclones on the climatology of the North American Southwest region
11:30am Lunch
1:00pm Poster session - Catalina Room
1:30pm Gouri Prabhakar Simultaneous retrieval of aerosol optical depth and ozone content in Tucson using a multi-wavelength photospectrometer
1:45pm Susan Stillman Spatiotemporal distribution of soil moisture over the Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed
2:00pm Gabriel Moreno Regional intercomparison of land surface models over Amazonia
2:15pm Break
2:30pm Kerrie Geil Dynamical downscaling of CMIP5 global model output using the WRF regional model
2:45pm Thang Luong A high-resolution simulation with the modified version of the Kain-Fristch convective parameterization scheme for the WRF model
3:00pm Michael Brunke Improvement of a prognostic skin sea surface temperature scheme in the tropical west Pacific
3:15pm Break
Keynote Speaker
3:30pm Dr. Kate Huntington From paleoclimate to plateau uplift: clumped isotopes in terrestrial carbonate