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AIR Archive (2010)

Time Speaker Title
9:00am Jason Criscio Objective Verification of the WRF-ARW Model in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area
9:20am Koichi Sakaguchi How Realistically Trees Become Thirsty in the World of a Climate Model: Evaluation of NCAR CLM3.5 in an East-central Amazon Forest
9:40am Mark Decker Improving the Numerical Solution of the Soil Moisture-based Richards Equation and Its Bottom Boundary Condition in Land Models with a Deep or Shallow Water Table
10:00am Diana Stovern The Effects of Vertical Wind Shear on a Tropical Cyclone
10:20am Nathan Johnson Microphysical Properties of Developing Versus Non-developing Cloud Clusters
10:40am BREAK
11:00am Career Opportunities after Graduation presented by Vaisala
12:00pm LUNCH
1:40pm Lesley Leary A Comparison of Electrical Activity in Tropical Clusters of the eastern and western North Pacific
2:00pm David Kofron Defining the Lifecycle of the Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones Using Remotely-Sensed Imagery
2:20pm Kim Wood The Impact of Tropical Cyclones on Precipitation in the North American Southwest Region
2:40pm Bill Cassell A High-Resolution Simulation of Intensive Observing Period 2 during NAME using the WRF Model
3:00pm BREAK
3:20pm Brittany Ciancarelli Use of Long-Term Precipitation Records to Characterize Warm Season Climate Variability in the Southwest U.S.
3:40pm Mason Quick Optical Energy Radiated by Lightning Return Strokes
4:00pm Gouri Prabhakar Introduction to the New Surface Based Solar Observational Capabilities at the University of Arizona
4:20pm Theresa Foley Metals Monitoring in the Sunnyside United School District