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AIR Archive (2009)

Time Speaker Title
8:30am Kate Sammler Modeling Ozone Error of the Active Temperature, Ozone, and Moisture Microwave Spectrometer (ATOMMS) Occultation Measurements
8:50am Mike Stovern Analysis of Turbulence and Its Effects on Radio Occultation Measurements
9:10am Theresa Foley Metals Monitoring in the Sunnyside United School District
9:30am BREAK
9:45am Anna Wonaschütz Understanding Health and Climatic Effects of Aerosols through Size Distribution Measurements
10:05am Mason Quick Time-resolved Measurements of the Light Produced by Lightning Channels
10:25am Bill Scheftic Spatial and Temporal Measurements of Soil Moisture Using the Propagation of Lightning-Generated, Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Signals
10:45am BREAK
11:00am Opportunities After Graduation: Presented by Vaisala
12:00pm LUNCH
1:30pm Kim Wood Impacts of East Pacific Tropical Cyclone Remnants on the Rainfall of the North American Southwest Region
1:50pm Andy Penny Tropical Cyclogenesis: A Modeling Study of the Microphysical Processes Leading to Genesis under Realistic Environmental Conditions
2:10pm Simona Olson Overview of Mechanisms Linking Easterly Waves and the North American Monsoon System
2:30pm BREAK
2:45pm Nikole Lewis Three-Dimensional Atmospheric Dynamics of Eccentric Extrasolar Planets
3:05pm David Choi New Measurements of the Evolving Flow in Jupiter's Oval BA
3:25pm Yuan Lian Jet Formation under the Effects of Large-scale Latent Heating on the Giant Planets
3:45pm BREAK
Keynote Speaker
4:00pm Tom Fleming How to be a Successful Teacher and Other Musings on Life after Grad School