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AIR Archive (2008)

Time Speaker Title
8:30am Lesley Leary Using Remotely Sensed Data To Explore Tropical Cyclogenesis In The Eastern North Pacific
8:50am Dave Kofron Determination of a Consistent Time for Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones
9:10am Theresa Foley Air Quality Monitoring over Lake Michigan for 1994 to 2003: The LADCO Airplane Project
9:30am BREAK
9:45am Tina Stall Multiple-Channel Flashes: Characteristics and Implications in Lightning Protection
10:05am Bill Scheftic Wide-Area Soil Moisture Estimation Using the Propagation of Lightning Generated Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Signals
10:25am Stacy Fleenor Observations of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning in Warm-Season Thunderstorms in the Great Plains
10:45am BREAK
11:00am Koichi Sakaguchi Stability Correction and Dead Leaf Resistance for Under-canopy Ground Evaporation in NCAR CLM
11:20am Brad Christoffersen A Model-observation Approach for Understanding the Role of Root Functioning in Seasonal Fluxes of Water and Carbon Across Amazonia
11:40am Rafael Rosolem How Representative Is The Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment In Amazonia (LBA) Results In Comparison To Long-Term Climatology?
12:00pm LUNCH
1:30pm Seshadri Rajagopal A Dynamic Land Surface-Groundwater Interactions Parameterization for the NOAH Land Surface Model
1:50pm Matt Switanek Seasonal Predictions of Climate Variability and Water Availability in the Colorado River Basin
2:10pm Jeremy Weiss Climate, Drought, and the Changing of the Seasons in the Southwestern U.S.A.
2:30pm BREAK
2:45pm Angel C. Otárola The Impact of Turbulence on determining Climate via Radio Occultation - Performance of ATOMMS under the Effect of Atmospheric Turbulence
3:05pm David Choi Using an Automated Cloud Feature Tracker to Measure Wind Velocities and Vorticities in Jupiter's Atmosphere
3:25pm Brian Jackson Racetrack Playa Observation Project
3:45pm BREAK
Keynote Speaker
4:00pm Jim Steenburgh Surviving Graduate School and Making Your Mark in the Atmospheric and Related Sciences