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AIR Archive (2007)

Time Speaker Title
8:30am Patrick Shaw Applications of Soil Component Proxy to Dust Model Validation
8:50am Theresa Foley Ozone Formation Over Lake Michigan
9:10am Nathan Johnson Observed Aerosol Impacts on Stratocumulus Microphysics
9:30am BREAK
9:45am Robb M Randall Using Limited Time Period Analysis as a Means to Elucidate Microwave Sounding Unit Derived Tropospheric Temperature Trend Methods
10:05am Angel C. Otárola The Energy Spectrum of Turbulence from the HIAPER Data
10:25am Prakash Ramani Use of Low-frequency Lightning Signals to Estimate Soil Conductivity
10:45am BREAK
11:00am Jennifer Ward Comparison of the Kennedy Space Center Cloud to Ground Lightning Surveillance System (CGLSS) and National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN)
11:20am Stacy Fleenor Characteristics of Positive Cloud-to-Ground Lighting in the Great Plains
11:40am Carlos Minjarez-Sosa Precipitation and Lightning Relationship: Dependence On Precipitation Estimation Method
12:00pm LUNCH
1:00pm Mark Decker A New Form of the Theta-Based Richards Equation for Land Surface Models and its Impact Upon the CLM
1:20pm Koichi Sakaguchi Dynamic Global Vegetation Model: Preliminary Results
1:40pm Jason P. Criscio A Short Range Ensemble Forecasting System Using WRF and Stochastic Physics
2:00pm BREAK
2:15pm James Tamerius Sub-Regional Winter Precipitation Variability in the US Southwest
2:35pm Stephen Bieda III Tracks of Warm and Cold-Core Upper-Tropospheric Lows Interacting with the North American Monsoon System
2:55pm Brian Jackson Titan's South Polar Haze
3:15pm BREAK
Keynote Speaker
3:30pm Dr. William Cotton Aerosol Influences on Clouds and Precipitation