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AIR Archive (2006)

Time Speaker Title
8:50am Steven Mullen Welcome to GRATIS
9:00am Jaime Anguita Optical Communications Through the Atmospheric Channel
9:20am Feiqin Xie Super-refraction Structure over Oceans and its Impact on Radio Occultation Measurements
9:40am Robb M Randall Using Ancillary Derived Zero Trend Levels as a Means to Elucidate Microwave Sounding Unit Derived Temperature Trends
10:00am Angel C. Otárola The Complex Dielectric Constant for Pure Liquid Water in the Microwave to Terahertz Spectral Region
10:20am BREAK
10:40am Theresa A. Foley Aircraft Monitoring of Ambient Ozone over Lake Michigan
11:00am Patrick Shaw Pollen Pollution: Its Nature and Prospects for Modeling
11:20am Chris Biagi Measurements of Variability in Lightning Parameters Using Video and NLDN Data
11:40am Stacy Gaard Classification of Low-Amplitude Lightning Events in the Great Plains
12:00pm LUNCH
1:00pm Stephen Bieda Interaction of Troughs and Eastern North Pacific Tropical Cyclones Impacting Arizona (1971-2005)
1:20pm Walter Kolczynski, Jr.
1:40pm Mark Decker An Empirical Formulation of Soil Ice Fraction Based on In Situ Observations
2:00pm BREAK
2:20pm Steve Stegall Specific Humidity Inversions
2:40pm Kunio M. Sayanagi Can Shallow Jets be Stable in Jovian Atmosphere?
3:00pm BREAK
Keynote Speaker
3:30pm Professor Alan Newell Wave Turbulence in Oceans and Atmospheres