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AIR Archive (2004)

Time Speaker Title
8:30am Steven Mullen Welcome to GRATIS
8:40am Wendy Thomas The Influence of Anthropogenic Activity and Local Circulation on Visual Range in Tucson, AZ for 1997-2001
9:00am Chris Biagi An Evaluation of Non-Conventional Lightning Prevention
9:20am Tameca Deneane Holmes Relationship between Lightning and Precipitation over Walnut Gulch
9:40am BREAK
10:00am Ana Kursinski An Assessment of the Fractional Coverage of Precipitation Using Radar and Raingauge Data
10:20am Aihui Wang Timescales of Land Surface Hydrology Demonstrated by a Simplified Interactive Model
10:40am Emily E. Whittington Deriving Soil Moisture from MODIS Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)
11:00am Zhuo Wang Impact of MODIS Surface Albedo over Deserts on Global Modeling
11:20am LUNCH
12:30pm Er Lu Precipitable Water, Monsoon, and its Modeling
12:50pm Carlos Manuel Minjarez-Sosa Precipitable Water Vapor Observations in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico
1:10pm Feiqin Xie Retrieval of Refractivity Profiles in the Marine Boundary Layer from GPS Occultation Data
1:30pm Walter Kolczynski, Jr. Subtropical Temperature Profile: Framework for a Simple Model
1:50pm BREAK
2:10pm Yuan Lian Momentum Transportation of Jets on Jupiter
2:30pm Kunio M. Sayanagi The Effects of a GWS-like Event on the Dynamics of Saturn's Jets
2:50pm Curtis Cooper General Circulation of the Transiting Exoplanet, HD209458b
3:10pm BREAK
Keynote Speaker
3:30pm Dr. Steven Mullen Ensemble Forecasting Research in ATMO: Initial Conditions, Ensemble Construction, Performance Assessment, and Statistical Calibration
Keynote Speaker
4:00pm Dr. Andrea Hahmann Representing Spatial Subgrid Scale Variability at the Land-Atmosphere Interface in a GCM