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AIR Archive (2003)

Time Speaker Title
8:30am Steven Mullen Welcome to GRATIS
8:40am Natalie Murray Comparison of Surface Electric Fields and 74C Radar Reflectivity During the June 10, 2001 Thunderstorm at NASA Kennedy Space Center
9:00am William Valine Lightning Channel Branching: A Preliminary Study of Causes
9:20am Rebecca Matichuk A Decade of Mid-Tropospheric Aerosols Measured at Mt. Lemmon, Arizona (1992 to 2001)
9:40am BREAK
10:00am Kelly Wink Quantifying the Local Impact on Precipitation
10:20am Zhuo Wang Using MODIS BRDF/Albedo Data to Evaluate Global Model Land Surface Albedo
10:40am Ana Mosor Land Surface and its Impact on Climate in the North American Southwest
11:00am Er Lu Analysis of Precipitation and Precipitable Water in relevance to North American Monsoon
11:20am LUNCH
12:30pm Feiqin Xie Detecting the Marine Boundary Layer Top with GPS Occultation Technique
12:50pm Emily E. Whittington Deriving Global Soil Moisture from the Advances Microwave Scanning Radiometer for EOS (AMSR-E)
1:10pm Carlos Minjarez-Sosa Variability of Precipitable Water Vapor Over Arizona and Northwestern Mexico
1:30pm Xinyu Ye Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Through an Inhomogeneous Atmosphere
1:50pm BREAK
2:10pm Dave Adams The Thermodynamic Efficiency of an Idealized General Circulation Model
2:30pm Nadia Vinogradova Investigation of Nonlinear Convection with Sinusoidal Boundary Forcing
2:50pm Kunio Sayanagi Numerical Simulation of the Jovian Planets' Deep Internal Convection
3:10pm BREAK
Keynote Speaker
3:30pm E. Philip Krider How Does a Lightning Rod Work, Anyway?