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AIR Archive (2002)

Time Speaker Title
8:45am Steven Mullen Welcome to GRATIS
9:00am Jaci Secora An Investigation into Observed and Modeled Global Atmospheric Stability
9:15am Feiqin Xie Characterizing the Marine Boundary Layer with GPS Occultation Techniques
9:30am Akos Horvath Cloud Motion Winds From Multiangle Measurements
9:45am Michael J. Garay Actinoform Cloud Patterns Observed from Space
10:00am BREAK
10:15am Ana L. Mosor Modeling Topographic Influences on Snow Cover and Depth
10:30am Er Lu Globally Unified Monsoon Onset and Retreat Indexes
10:45am Zhuo Wang The Analysis of MODIS BRDF/Albedo and Vegetation Indices
11:00am Nicole M. Kempf Cloud-to-Ground Lightning and Precipitation During the Great Flood of 1993
11:15am Nathan G. Parker A Portable Data Collection System for Lightning Measurements
11:30am Natalie D. Murray Observations of the Microphysics, Electrification and Radar Reflectivity of Decaying Thunderstorm Anvils and Debris Clouds Near the NASA Kennedy Space Center
11:45am LUNCH
1:00pm Dave Adams An Application of the Heat Engine Framework to the Hadley Circulation
1:15pm Nadia Vinogradova Effects of Heterogeneous Boundaries in Rayleigh-Benard Convection
1:30pm Kenneth Kehoe A Study of Fog Water Drop Collection Using the Stokes Number
1:45pm Wendy Marie Thomas An Understanding of the Visibility Patterns in Tucson, AZ
2:00pm Donghai Wangaa Gaussian Finite Element Closure of Steady State Unsaturated Flow in Randomly Heterogeneous Soils