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AIR Archive (1999)

Time Speaker Title
8:30am Benjamin Herman Opening Remarks
8:45am Tim Martin Comparisons Between Observations and Numerical Simulations of Warm Wintertime Convective Clouds Over the Mountains of Central Arizona
9:15am Rawlings Miller Sensitivity Studies for Incorporating the Direct Effect of Sulfate Aerosols into Climate Models
9:30am Scott Handel Electric Fields Before and During the Onset of Lightning at the NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and USAF Eastern Range (ER)
10:00am Bruce Gungle Lightning-Precipitation Relationships at KSC
10:30am BREAK
10:45am John Makevich Using Skin Temperature Data to Recalibrate Coefficients in the NOAA SST Algorithm
11:00am Yanping He Stratocumulus Instability and CAPE: A Search for Physical Mechanisms
11:30am Wenhong Li The Mechanism of Onset of the Amazon Wet Season
12:00pm LUNCH
1:00pm Matt Burkett CAPE and Lightning Frequency
1:30pm David K. Adams Quasi-Equilibrium and Parameterization of Tropical Convection
1:45pm Michael Brunke Analyzing MCS Intensity Inferred from TRMM Satellite Observations
2:00pm BREAK
2:15pm Matt Beulen Solar Ultraviolet Variability and its Effect on the Stratosphere and Upper Troposphere
2:45pm Mike Garay Using GOES Data to Improve Estimates of the Albedo of the Earth
3:00pm BREAK
3:15pm Akos Horvath Non-linear Objective Analysis
3:45pm Shawn Rossi The Role of Rossby Wave Breaking Events Evidenced by Ertel's Potential Vorticity and NCEP Derived Winds on the Distribution and Trends in Total Ozone
4:15pm David Bright Improved Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF) Over the Southwest United States Using Mesoscale Ensembles
Keynote Speaker
4:30pm Dr. Robert A. Maddox Personal Reflections of Career Tracks in the Atmospheric Sciences