Cloudcam Movies

Best of Cloud Movies

A selection of the "best of" cloud camera movies taken from the top of the Gould-Simpson building at the UArizona main campus.

20220701_severe.mp4 : view: Catalina camera

20220724.mp4 : view: Catalina camera

20070715 :

20070716 : Showers in Tucson Valley

20070721 : Gulf surge day with afternoon and evening storms over the Catalina's. Strong inflow into storm just east of the camera.

20070722 : Morning and evening convection over mountains and a evening storm over the valley. Very nice!

20070723 : Morning mountain convection and swarming bugs. Big mid afternoon storm over the valley with westward moving shelf cloud.

20070724 : Strong low level westerly morning surge with beautiful mountain convection. Big valley storm with strong inflow and heavy rain.

20070725 : Morning clouds give way to mountain convection. Late afternoon convection reforms over mountains.

20070726 : Early afternoon convection with nice anvils. Early evening storm over mountains, also with a nice anvil.

20070728 : Morning mountain convection and mid day valley convection. Supercell storm forms by early afternoon in the valley with heavy rain.

20070810 : Beautiful late afternoon storm over the mountains, rain in the valley.

20070823 : Mid day convection over the mountains, followed by a second round later in the day, and a third round around sunset.

20070824 : Mid-late morning mountain convection with SW upper shear and cirrus. Afternoon storm in the valley.

20070826 : Nice late afternoon mountain convection with beautiful anvil.

20070827 : Nice morning 'mackerel' sky gives way to active mid day convection over the mountains followed by a few valley storms.

20070910 : Mid-late afternoon high based mountain convection followed by a valley shower.