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ATMO Seminar Series

Please click on the title to view the abstract and any supplemental information. All seminars are held in PAS room 220 beginning at 3:30pm unless indicated otherwise.

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Date Speaker Title
Thu, Jan 29 2015, 4:00pm Sophie Lewis Climate change and Australia's recent extreme heat
Thu, Feb 19 2015, 3:30pm Graham Feingold Two-way transitions between closed and open cellular convection
Thu, Feb 26 2015, 3:30pm Steven Platnick Challenges in the production of observational datasets: The MODIS cloud product perspective
Thu, Mar 5 2015, 3:30pm William Holmgren Operational renewable power forecasting in the Southwest
Thu, Mar 26 2015, 3:30pm Glenn Shaw Making a Career in Science Doing Search
Thu, Apr 2 2015, 3:30pm Patrick Broxton
Thu, Apr 9 2015, 9:00am AIR
Thu, Apr 16 2015, 3:30pm Jonathan Overpeck
Fri, Apr 17 2015, 12:00am Seth Gutman
Thu, Apr 23 2015, 3:30pm Roger Wakimoto
Thu, Apr 30 2015, 3:30pm Ankur Desai How do we scale land-atmosphere exchanges?