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El Día del Agua y La Atmósfera, 2016 - 2017

With the merger of the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, the student-run conference has been renamed. Please visitía-del-Agua-y-La-Atmósfera for current information.

AIR, 1999-2015

Held anually from 1999 until 2015 and run entirely by the department's graduate students, the Atmospheric and Interdisciplinary Research (AIR) conference allowed graduate students of Atmospheric Sciences to share their research with their colleagues and the University community and gain valuable experience in public speaking and presentation in a relatively informal setting. Presenters ranged from first-year graduate students to near-completed Ph.D. students, thus having a wide range of experience in both research and public speaking. Below is an archive of the conferences showcasing research from a variety of disciplines all within the scope of the Earth-Atmosphere system.